Our Expertise


We understand that when it comes to healthcare and health provision, service levels must be maintained at all times, and without disruption, at all costs.

Our Promise

Having successfully worked within numerous ‘live and diversified environments’ for almost twenty years, public safety and the well-being of both staff and the public is our number one priority.

Furthermore, because the team at DKCL is all in-house, all pre-construction and construction stage workers are engaged on site only when required. This reduces the need to rely on external sub-contractors which in turn results in no delays to any of our projects. We find that this ensures patient care is uninterrupted.

DKCL brings a proactive approach to project management and planning to ensure the success of every project.

Our client-focused approach produces results that every healthcare provider can be proud to be associated with.

We would be only too happy to discuss your building requirements to extend or refurbish your existing premises or to construct your new build project.